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About the Bobcats

a little history lesson

Owner, Matt Buskard, has always had a dream of opening his own restaurant. When he saw the Corktown staple, O’Blivion’s, for sale, he knew this was his chance. The building itself being over 150 years old had such a deep history along with a lot of local touches inside that it made it a perfect fit. From the warm-colored brick that was all scalped from Eloise, the well-known insane asylum of Wayne County, to the sign located in the game room, from our old neighbor, Tigers Stadium!

meet the owner, matt buskard

Knowing that O’Blivion’s and the business before, The Red Devil, had been family businesses established since 1963 was something else that really drew Matt and his team in. In May 2015 the team was able to come in and start putting in their blood, sweat, and tears into making it their own; doing everything from tearing up the floor, exposing the original wood ceiling, and repurposing the chairs, tables, and bar.

a bonnie is born

One night while sitting around a dinner table talking about what the restaurant should be called, many different names were thrown out, but none of them quite fit. Then Joey, Matt’s partner and creative contributor, brought up the idea of calling it Bobcat Bonnie’s after his grandmother. She is a one-of-a-kind woman who got her nickname because she drives a bobcat on their farm in Ohio. After that moment, no other name fit or could even come close. Bobcat Bonnie’s had that special ring to it, and from there everything fell right into place.

bonnie heads to wyandotte

In February of 2017 Bobcat Bonnie’s opened up in the former Bourbons, Brews and Bayou restaurant. The welcome from the community of Wyandotte has been overwhelmingly kind and we are beyond excited to be here.

bonnie opens in Ferndale

September 2018 Matt got the keys to the former Zeke’s Rock and Roll BBQ. To say we are thrilled to be here in Ferndale would be an understatement! We are excited to be a part of such a great community.

we are your neighbors

It is our mission at Bobcat Bonnie’s to provide high-quality, inviting service within a clean, fun, and welcoming atmosphere, while serving fresh, upscale food at a friendly price. Our goal is to be your neighborhood spot.


Like our photos? They are by the talented Michelle & Chris Gerard, check them out!(